Who are WarConvo?

WarConvo is a collective of ten tabletop gamers from the South East of England. We are a diverse group with differing backgrounds leading us into the hobby, the following is to serve as a brief introduction to each of us, all of which will be expanded on in the future.


Iain’s first introduction to tabletop gaming was through a friend whilst in his latter years at primary school. Lunchtimes were spent poring over copies of White Dwarf and comparing metal miniatures based on the Lords of the Rings books and the Aliens film. Early gaming experiences included the Aliens board game by Leading Edge and the Civilisation board game. A trip to the local friendly game store one Saturday started his collection of Warhammer 40,000 miniatures, many of which still grace the tabletop now. There began a love for tabletop gaming concentrating mostly on Warhammer 40,000 Rogue Trader and Warhammer Fantasy Battle 3rd Edition, along with many other of the Games Workshop range including BloodBowl, Advanced Heroquest, Warhammer Fantasy RPG, Mighty Empires and Space Marine (Epic). Like many, Iain fell out of the hobby in his late teens, but still wistfully peered into Games Workshop and independent games stores upon passing. The best part of two decades later Iain was introduced to Olli, a date was set and an introduction game of Warhammer 40,000 (now into its 6th edition) was convened. Iain was once again hooked, old models were dusted off and the hobby recommenced once more. Iain mostly plays Warhammer 40,000, but also is a keen player of Warhammer Age of Sigmar, Blood Bowl, Warhammer Underworlds, Saga, and Kings of War, to name a few. Iain believes firmly in the social contract between gamers and plays for the fun and spectacle of it all, but it is of course always nice to win.


“It’s not a backlog, it’s a pile of potential” – wise words to live by.  I started back in second edition, collecting mostly Chaos Space Marines but wistfully staring at the entire range of minis in the various citadel catalogues.  My Abaddon had a unit of pet Genestealers :- in my day we didn’t call it open play, we called it rule of cool.  In my late teens I fell out of the hobby and considered getting back in a few times, until my better half introduced me to Olli and I jumped back into the hobby with 7th Ed 40K and have been hobbying since then.
I’m very much a hobby magpie.  If a model is awesome, or the fluff just clicks with me, it’s hard for me to resist.   I don’t get much time at the moment for painting or playing, but I enjoy AoS and 40K as well as various board games.  I am not the best general, nor the best painter.  But I do have very strong opinions on sprues, and the hell that is the Ork Trukk.


I have been playing Wargames since 2004 when I first discovered Dawn of War the famous and well loved PC strategy game based on the Warhammer 40,000 setting. I first started with a Tau army and moved to Eldar. I then bought a Black Templars Space Marine army a few years later and dissolved them to a codex chapter of my own making a few years after that. Along side this army I collected an extensive Imperial Guard army (I refuse to call them by their other name). I have dipped my toe in and out of Chaos armies a few times and have decided to continue in my service to the Emperor and stay away from Heresy. I have a history of terrible dice rolls, and an utter disbelief when I win a game. 2019 sees me embarking on an Adeptus Mechanicus army following a number of gifts from my beloved friends. 
As you can see from some of the articles I have been making progress with this force. And as of October 2020 I have started putting together my Sisters of Battle force. Much to look forward to though, as I have yet to touch my Vanguard marines boxes and the Indomitus Box will have some love in the future too!


I’ve been totally hooked on tabletop gaming but most notably Warhammer 40,000 for the last 4 or so years. The social aspect, competitive theorising, sheer creative potential and lasting longevity of the hobby have been all consuming. For me it is my sole and only hobby and I devote a substantial amount of my free time towards it. I thoroughly enjoy painting models and have a lot of passion for scratch built terrain. My gaming tables are almost entirely comprised of said terrain which I also enjoy making as gifts for friends and family gamers. I can trace my first interests in Warhammer 40,000 back to the early 2000s. I was 12 years old and remember my step-father purchasing me my first collection of models to get me underway. The newly released plastic range of Necrons and their own dedicated Codex was out and without any prior knowledge of the Warhammer 40,000 universe I was likely just picking the cool evil robot dudes. So we left the Games Workshop store with a Necron Lord, 2 boxes of Necron Warriors, their Codex and a very basic assortment of paints. It just so happened my step-brother had roughly around the same time purchased a large haul of Eldar models from a car-boot sale. On one of those classic bright green static grass mats, with random cardboard rolls and lumps of polystyrene for terrain, we would play mock games of whatever edition it was at the time, with I’d imagine a lot of custom rules and outright making things up. That was it for awhile until the PlayStation 2 was released and the opposite sex at school started becoming more interesting. After years of still peeking through the windows of Games Workshop stores, in 2014 I re-entered the Warhammer 40,000 universe with an initial purchase of the Dark Vengeance box-set, the BRB and the Dark Angel Codex and that’s been me fully immersed since. I now have around 10,000 points of Dark Angels, have recently made ventures into Tyranids with roughly 2500 points and the new Primaris ranges, of which I am designing my own custom chapter and their narrative I call the Scimitars Magnificent.


Matt sees himself as one of the elder statesman of the group and possibly the cleverest.  He suspects though that he isn’t actually perceived as such by the others (and he would be right – Iain).  He doesn’t care though, he knows he is a better human being than them – on every single level.  He has been involved with the hobby since he was a spotty lad and still has his old Rogue Trader miniatures. Real life called though and he dropped out of the hobby in his 20s and 30s (although gazing wistfully at the front of GW stores when he walked past, only to move on – hating himself for the self-denial of the pleasure of the plastic each time).

He loves to paint and play, but mainly only has time for the former due to family commitments.   He does however squeeze the odd game in and has a completely unsuitable sense of humour and is constantly pushing the boundaries of common decency in the team.  That gets worse if he drinks and plays.  Which makes him the funniest one by default (again this is a personal opinion of Matt’s- Iain).

He is very proud of his Death Guard, Black Legion, Daemons and Astra Militarum armies (fully painted – cough) but also has some Warhammer Fantasy models both from the 80s and more recently including a burgeoning Stormcast Eternals collection.

He is also slightly upset that despite being best hobby member of the group in 2017 – he won absolutely nothing in the 2018 WarConvo group awards. 

Not a thing!

Out of about 7 awards!

Even the person who barely puts anything together and put on Kranon’s sword upside down won something. 

But he isn’t bitter at all.  (clearly not – Iain)

Oh no.

Vote Matt.


I am Ashley and in my spare time I play games, computer, card and board.

Quite a few of my friends play Warhammer and they kindly invited me last year to watch a game, this got me into Warhammer 40K.  I am still quite new to the game and am building my collection slowly.

I have participated jointly in a couple of games and played a one-on-one (which I won).  I enjoy both the modelling aspects as well as painting just as much as playing the game.

My main aims for 2019 are to sort a proper modelling space to I can do painting at home and also to participate in more games.


I was first introduced to the hobby whilst in Secondary School, by a friend who collected Chaos Space Marines. However it wasn’t until 2016, having played an introductory game with my brother, Phil (fellow Warconvo member), using his Dark Angels that I bought my first models.

I chose Blood Angels, and thanks to a lucky eBay find and a Start Collecting box I almost immediately had a varied collection of units to start playing with. Less than 3 years later, I now have around 13,000 points worth of the Sons of Sanguinius.

Along the way, the plastic addiction took hold and I have amassed a fairly large collection of Imperial Knights (my only fully painted force), Thousand Sons and Tzeentch Daemons. Most recently I have started to collect Chaos Space Marines as the new updated range is just too nice to ignore!

I love to build the models, play the game, and my painting improves with each completed unit. Just as well really, as I’ve got plenty of models to finish!


The road to plastic hell is paved with good intentions, so they say. We might wonder if Olli ever pondered that when he introduced Stephen to the game of 40k back in the later years of their youth. If not then, he might surely think it now, having borne witness to over a decade of cocksure conquest from the best of men.

This would-be Saturday morning cartoon villain favours the more morbid side of both the grim darkness of the far future and the tolerable twilight of wherever AoS dwells. To that end he has filled his shelves with hordes of skeletal horrors (Necrons for 40k and Legions of Nagash for AoS), much to the consternation of his friends who would much rather his models stayed dead, thank you very much. He also dabbles in the favour of the Dark Gods with small CSM and Death Guard forces with which to wipe smiles off of faces. However, his current flame and main source of dice based pain would be the cyborg monstrosities of the Adeptus Mechanicus, with which he has carved a bloody swathe through his doubtless soon to be former friends.

If this wannabe techpriest has a weakness, it would be his traditional reluctance where painting is concerned. Not for lack of ability but lack of desire, and so much of his armies still remain grey and grim. It is the thrill of battle and the rolling of dice that draws him in, and no amount of snark from Phil will take away from Stephen’s winning record between them. Recently, however, he is determined to get things painted now that life has pulled him in unforeseen directions.

He is also the running GM for the ongoing Temeslinque campaign, a massive endeavour involving all of warconvo which drives narratives and rivalries to ever greater heights. This he must do remotely, for the most part, as he lives quite apart from the rest of them, forcing him to have to settle with swooping back into the homeland, beating them senseless and swooping off again to his secret lair.

On this site, you may see his attempts to Finish the Job (TM) with his burgeoning backlog, occasional updates from his exploits to FLGS’ and maybe tournaments across the lands and maybe snippets of his fluff pieces as and when the muse descends.

Ave Deus Mechanicus!