Come all ye faithful!

In the Name of the Emperor, Saint Lucia, and his Holy church.

May his blessings and his gaze be upon you all. I welcome you all here today in the light of his presence that you may know his hand in vengeance toward the Xenos, the mutant, and the Heretic….may their bodies and their souls burn in the fires of hell for all eternity.

Saint Lucia pray for us.

Saint Katherine pray for us.

Saint Celestine pray for us.

Saint Praxedes pray for us.

Saint Valpurgis pray for us.

Welcome to my first post on the starts of my Sisters of battle force.

Baby steps at first but I had a little help from Laurence getting hold of the Special Sisters box set, which will be an excellent spring board to my Sisters force.

Not a very long one but I have a few bits of hobby progress to show you and share a link to Mid Winter minis YouTube page to show his advise on how to make plenty of your own wash.

I painted my scenery pieces from my Urban Assult box set (yes I bought that).

To create enough wash to cover this desecrated site, I followed advise from Mid Winter minis to create a whole jar of wash. This covered the building nicely. You can watch the video below to get the same results.

I have a Basilicum yet to paint but have completed my first sisters squad…took a while to do as I haven’t 100% been in the mood to hobby. That’s important to recognise and I think I’ll put my thoughts on that subject on another post later on….But here is Squad Felicity. Hope you like them I’m quite chuffed with how they came out.

Squad Felicity

This squad I need to mention was the first time I had used the ‘new’ contrast paints and I used Black Templar. Honestly… wasn’t sure what to think of it at first but as time went on I realised it goes well, especially after you block in the other colours around it. Using contrast saves a fair amount of hassle with highlighting and would recommend you giving them a try if you haven’t before but I will be sticking mostly to the traditional methods.

I hope this post finds you and your family and friends well. Hope to post again before Christmas. Until then fair well.

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