Creating my own Blood Bowl Dug out.

Good evening sports fans. In this edition I’m going to be showing how I created my own blood bowl dug out.

I ordered myself about 800 to 1000 lollipop sticks off eBay. And made sure that I had plenty of PVA glue ready.

I started by creating a square frame with my lollipop sticks. In most instances I had to cut off the round edge of the lollipop sticks to make them look straight / diagonal and like actual planks of wood.

I used superglue for the initial square-frame because PVA glue takes far too long to dry.

To get that ‘over the edge’ look I had to put a plank horizontally at the bottom of the frame to raise the planks up a little bit. Ensure that you put your planks with the middle support at the bottom and top plank going across horizontally.

You’ll have to do this for both sides so it becomes a little bit tedious with all the cutting but bear with it, before you know it you’ll have 7 fence panels good to go.

Next I assembled the flooring (or decking). What I simply did here was get enough sticks, in this case I had 11 for each section, and brought them together. On the other side I glued three supporting struts going across the ‘planks’.

Once the decks were dry I realised that they were too low, so I had to raise the deck. I did this by criss-crossing further lollipop sticks underneath them. In hindsight I wondered if it might have been better to have just glued my sticks directly on top or underneath so as to save on the three supporting sticks…oh well….

Once they dried, my next aim was to bring the fence posts and the decking together.

I have left my sections separate and unglued so it can be transported more easily.

Next I stained (washed) my sections to give them a darker wood tone.

After this stage I created the signs to identify the sections. Finally I constructed the score board. This was created by making a simple upsidedown U and glued more sticks to form the backing of the what will be black board (score board). Then I stuck the black board material to the square area it was to go.

In hind sight I would have made the wall screens shorter but still chuffed with the construction efforts of a first attempt. I think I’ll order more sticks and make either a platform for it it or move onto creating spectators stands next.

Thanks for reading.

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