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Good morning readers. I have neglected my monthly contribution and thought I would post up an article for July. I hope this article finds you and family well. Please be safe and responsible out there.

+++Status of requested requisition… requesting data, processing… processing. Data received.+++

As per battlefield requirements in Zulu sector. Following units have been sanctioned.

Kastelan Maniple Alpha acquired…

Forward programmer Data Smith designated custodian for Kastelan Maniple Alpha…Assigned…

Data Smith Num Castros. Designation: 202005-06

Requisition order Onager Dunecrawler: Variant Icarus Array. Attached 3rd Maniple….Complete.

+++Data request complete. All Hail the Omnissiah! Blessed be the motive force!+++

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I have been playing Wargames since 2004 and first started with a Tau army and moved to Eldar. I then bought a Black Templars Space Marine army a few years later and dissolved them to a codex chapter of my own making a few years after that. I along side this Army collected an extensive Imperial Gaurd army (I refuse to call them by their other name). I have dipped my toe in and out of Chaos armies a few times and have decidedly to stay out now. I have terrible dice rolls and have been given an opportunity by all my beloved friends to start an Adeptus Mechanicus Army for 2019. At the fall of 2018 I discovered Magic the Gathering TCG. And play frequently online using the MTG Arena platform. I look forward to expanding my knowledge and understanding of this gaming platform in 2019 onwards.