Hobby Update; Bolt Action Germans

Happy V.E Day and I hope you are all coping well with the global pandemic as best you can. It’s taken me awhile to get round to finishing them (new baby daughter and a lack of motivation), but I have finally at long last finished my current German Panzergrenadiers. I was gifted the Band Of Brother starter set last Christmas and haven’t until the COVID-19 lockdown got round to actually working on them. I also had a sprue of earlier blitzkrieg infantry from a Wargames Illustrated to make good use of.

My infantry so far. 18 Panzergrendiers armed with a variety of rifles, assault rifles, sub-machine guns and a light machine gun.

I painted the models using Warlord Games’ rapid deployment paint set. It was very easy and has achieved what I think a pleasing tabletop quality paint job. All that was needed was to apply a black prime, block in the base colours, wash with their strong tone and finish with a brush-on anti shine varnish (the strong tone adds a great level of depth to the model but leaves an incredibly shiny finish).

Panzergrenadier armed with a stolen Soviet PPsh-41
One of my more favorite gritty poses.
My platoon’s Leutnant armed with an MP40 sub-machine gun. Surveying the field with field map and binoculars.
Panzergrenadier with camouflaged zeltbahn poncho and helmet. Armed with an StG-44 assault rifle.
The Sd.Kfz. 251/10 transport or “Hanomag”. Armed with a Pak36 anti armour gun and rear mounted MG42.
I thoroughly enjoyed painting this vehicle especially the camouflage pattern.
I wanted to add a heavy dose of mud to the tracks and wheels. I simply applied a heavy amount of PVA which I then covered in sand for the texture. Painted with two tones of brown and washed like the rest of the model.

The miniatures really where a pleasure to assemble with a huge choice of posing options and equipment, allowing you to really keep your own unique character to your platoon. I’m now hoping to further expand with more infantry, a supporting machine gun team and mortar team and also a Marder III Tank Destroyer. I also still have the US Airborne from the set to finish! For now though while I wait for delivery I have some Gripping Beast berserkers to work on for my SAGA collection.

I shall leave you with a few pictures of a 4×4 setup I played around with for future games, once we can resume socialising. Till next time!