Recent projects.

Good day everyone.

It is a difficult time that we all find ourselves in at the moment. Strangely I found myself bereft of motivation to hobby at the moment. I feel that this is partly due to being cooped up at home and having little options on things to do.

A hobbyist does what a hobbyist does because he has a passion for it. But I find myself in my study a lot at the moment due to work and working from home so I’m surrounded by my models and I keep looking at them and I think “that needs doing, that needs doing, that needs doing”.

One of my current projects at the moment, is to paint my best man’s cake topper, and I’m struggling to find a good and correct colour scheme which is going to match his suit as well as the cake that it is going to sit upon. I have found myself dipping the model in the purple drink already and have put a fresh white coat on it to start again, with the hope of a fresh idea.

But in other news I’ve been taking part in the Age of Sigmar beginners league at Bexley Reapers gaming club in which you tick off boxes on a bingo square for hobby challenges. I don’t think I completed a line, but I nearly did. Many thanks to the organisers of that league, it was really good fun dipping into Age of Sigmar properly with my Sylvaneth army.

Spirit of Darthu.

I have also completed recently No1 in my Blood Bowl team of Lizardmen. Some members of this convocation will take part in a beginners league of our own when we can once again meet each other.

Just a small update from me, sorry for the lack of posts…I should do better in future. Projects for 2020 include: The Rest of the Blood Bowl team. Adeptus Mechanics (Metallica).

Moving into 2021 will include: Sisters of Battle (Order unconfirmed) and the addition of Vanguard Primaris to my standing Space Marine army.

I hope this little update finds the reader well, staying safe and keeping safe as well as keeping others safe.

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I have been playing Wargames since 2004 and first started with a Tau army and moved to Eldar. I then bought a Black Templars Space Marine army a few years later and dissolved them to a codex chapter of my own making a few years after that. I along side this Army collected an extensive Imperial Gaurd army (I refuse to call them by their other name). I have dipped my toe in and out of Chaos armies a few times and have decidedly to stay out now. I have terrible dice rolls and have been given an opportunity by all my beloved friends to start an Adeptus Mechanicus Army for 2019. At the fall of 2018 I discovered Magic the Gathering TCG. And play frequently online using the MTG Arena platform. I look forward to expanding my knowledge and understanding of this gaming platform in 2019 onwards.