Belisarius Cawl: The Great Work: Book Review/Minor Spoiler alert.

Apologies everyone for not publishing in December last year there was a natural slow down with all things Hobby and not much to be able to share with the community.

I have however downloaded Audible and used my memberships first monthly book token to listen to ‘Belisarius Cawl: The Great work’ by Guy Haley.

WARNING SPOILERS: I may or may not intend to talk about certain aspects of the book without sharing the full on conclusion. So If you don’t want details skip to the last section of this review for a non spoiler summary.

I quite enjoyed this book for several reasons which gave me a couple of insights that I wasn’t expecting. I chose the book mostly on a whim but I also wished to see if I could learn about one of the most pivotal characters of the new age of the Warhammer 40,000 universe.

The story revolves around two ongoing portions to the book. Instead of following two or three characters on the same time line you follow the present and certain flashbacks that Cawl tends to fall into. This is often when he sees or hears something that reminds him of something in the past. “Cerca 10,000 years” as the book would say.

I start to realise sometimes how stoic yet boring some Space Marine characters can be. One of the main characters is an Ultramarines captain who I recognise from the book Dark Imperium. A Primaris Space Marine Captain and is of the first batch of Gray shields produced, and is very grumpy at Cawl for that. The book slowly eludes that Cawl and this Character ‘Decimus Felix’ have a have a (insignificant) history together. Which doesn’t really sway the books story line in any way.

The main story line though follows the ‘Scythes of the Emperor’ chapter and the last of the normal marines in the chapter, as well as Felix’s entourage sent on a mission to Sotha (The chapter’s home world) to get Cawl to answer to the Lord Guilliman for being out of contact for so long.

The story evolves around why the chapter needed a massive if not entire influx of Primaris Marines to stop the chapter from extinction. And the reason for coming to the planet, which was ravaged by a Tyranid invasion. Crawl has plans to rejuvenate the plant by Terra forming it again but can’t do so till something else is sorted out ‘deep in the mountain’.

So the entirety of the characters embark on a mission to the Chapters fortress Monastery and the adventure and secrets and revelations all evolve from there.

SUMMARY: A good read and worth it I feel if you were to purchase the book itself. It leaves you open to the possibilities of Cawl’s mind and what could be achieved in future if the Machanicus was able to throw off the Shackles of Dogma and Superstition.

I recommend this book as I did want to keep coming back to it. This is simply because I wished to know and understand Cawl as a character. The action levels in the book are fairly low for a Warhammer 40,000 novel but was more aimed around discovery and political happenings.

I hope you enjoyed my review, until next time.

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