Finishing the Job, Part 1

Yes, finally. He has posted.

This will be the first of hopefully many detailing my journey from someone who fields a half-baked and mostly bare plastic force to a fully painted and characterful army, and possibly losing any gaming mojo I might have had in the process as newly painted models often seem to suffer more at the hands of RNGesus. Still, if it stops certain comments and allows me to march into proper tournaments to get my rear kicked from pillar to post then so be it, it must be done.

So, with the narrative frame now established, let us see what we have to work with, shall we?


In the above picture you can see 2000 points of Adeptus Mechanicus goodness. “Why AdMech?” You probably did not ask. Regardless, the answer is I have always admired the Adepts of Mars even before they had official representation on the board, and they likely would have been my first army had I started in the tail end of 7th edition 40k rather than that of 3rd edition. “Why the red and blue scheme?” Well, that depends on whether you want the fluffy or mundane answer. Mundane is I support a few sports teams in M3 that have red and blue as their primary kit colours. Fluffy reasoning would be that the forgeworld that these chaps hail from is a marsformed (is that a word? It is now) maiden world where the soil is now reddish dust and the many thousands of lakes have become storage facilities for nuclear material, giving them a nice blue glow from all that lovely cerenkov radiation. Naturally, this means they don’t get along with the tree hugging space elves at all (which is my way of rationalising the rivalry between sheepman and myself).

You will have noticed by now that some of these are already done. Of course, this post is titled ‘Finishing the Job’, not starting it. Let’s take a closer look at some of them, shall we?

Here we have my Techpriest Dominus, who has been dubbed Virtuor Lan, Master of Munitions. The name is a little in-joke that I have taken to a logical conclusion. Perhaps one day I shall dive into greater fluff detail for these guys and other forces I field in our meta, but for now just painting will suffice. My ability with metal paints somewhat exceeds that which I might manage with flesh tones, so getting the arm right will likely be an ongoing challenge. I am overall satisfied with him though. Yes, I snipped his pet skull off because they tend to break anyway and I am sick of fixing it. We start with a full primary base coat of Chaos Black, because black is always in fashion.

The metal technique is a classic one. Base Leadbelcher, wash Agrax Earthshade and drybush Necron Compound. Simple, yet effective. The trim is based in Warplock Bronze, then given a coat of Brass Scorpion with edge highlighting done in Runefang Steel. Yes, I use Citadel paints. They do the job asked of them, that is all I require.

For the cloak, I stuck to the standard on the red side, which is a base of Mephiston Red with raised areas given a layer of Evil Sunz Scarlet and the edge given a bit of Wild Rider Red. For the blue half, a bit less standard, with a base of Kantor Blue, raised areas down with Alaitoc Blue and then the edges given a bit of Lothern Blue.

Glowy bits are a different class of blue, starting with Caledor Sky, then a small amount of Baharroth Blue before the tiniest amount of White Scar to create that eerie, electrical glow that is so prominent in AdMech art.

So, we’ve had a HQ, but I would be remiss in not mentioning the true stars of any Mechanicus army, which would be the machines. Let us take a look at some in progress…

Now, these were not actually done by me. No, my dearly devoted future spouse took it upon herself to do these, even getting the pied colouration done rather neatly by hand. This is something I have traditionally struggled with, partially due to normally being dosed to the gills on caffeine and thus shaking like a demented energizer bunny even when still. So, I appreciate this very much and look forward to getting them finished.

Meanwhile, me and my shaky flesh hands instead worked to bring another prominent adept of the Machine God to life. Here he is.

Go fat boy

Painting this guy was interesting, as I was able to transpose a lot of the techniques used for Mr. Lan above to this tub of love. Again, indifferent on flesh painting, but overall satisfactory. A lot more fiddly bits to account for though (the one real downside of GW’s upturn in model quality and details in the past few years) At the very least I want the HQs to stand out from the cannon fodder.

We observed that you were vocalizing excrement.

Now, the beautiful boy in front there was a gift from my good friend Mr. Dennaska, who is somewhat more capable and inclined with a brush than I am. But that is fine, as it gives me something to aim for.

So, main HQs are more or less done but there is still plenty to be getting on with. I will not tread on my partner’s toes and leave the duneriders to her, for now. I have other plans…

Next on the production line

They say that forgeworlds never sleep. Unfortunately, we in M3 do, and more besides. In any case, my goal for the next post (in perhaps a month’s time) is to have these guys brought up to standards. Stay tuned in November for part 2 of Finishing the Job, as well as a brief introduction to the ongoing misadventure that has shaped the group meta for the past year. I refer to, of course, the Temeslinque Campaign.

Ave Deus Machina.