Element Games Citadel Paint rack product review.

I haven’t created an article for a little while. But moving house tends to take up time.

I’m going to review the Element Games Citadel paint Rack.

My amazing wife bought this product for my birthday and I finaly have the opportunity to assemble it and use it in my new study as party of my new hobby area.

Sadly a bad start…the kit comes with no instructions on assembly. And Element Games replied to my email stating that they have not created instructions for this kit. Oh well guess I’ll be left to figure it out alone.

I started with the draws at the bottom and worked my way up from there…once I eliminated pieces which were designated for draws, sides and shelves, I was cooking on gas as they say.

After lots of glue on my hands I finaly had results.

The product was £32.00 at the time of writing this review. My initial feelings are that you are paying for a company label (like most things in life) and if you were to dig around you could find other rack types that simply hold more pots of paint for the same sort of money.


For example the above tray cost £37.99 from Wargame-Model-Mods (I have bought this also from Ebay). And decidedly holds more pots than Element Games’s rack does. Bar the tray which I have used for some storage of common use items there is no comparison on paint storage in the open. You could get away with storing pots in the 3 large open areas and the draws in Element’s rack if you are that way inclined.

Over all I will need to get a bit more milage out of the rack first and then I could return to give an update perhaps on more pros and cons with the rack.

Hope this post finds the reader well.

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