A view from the other side…

Iain’s missus shares her thoughts on the hobby

Picture the scene…

it’s a quiet night in. The fire (or at least the central heating) is burbling away nicely and there is a warm and contented feel about your home, from the other room I can hear enthused discussions and the roll of dice.

A Friday evening battle in full flow

It’s at this point that I would like to share with you ten reasons why I encourage Iain’s Wargaming hobby.

1. It has developed his creative techniques – airbrushing, dry brushing and fine painting. He also gets very excited when I offer to buy him paints – like the new contrast paints recently released by Games Workshop

2. It makes him happy and relaxed. According to the Samaritans, suicide is the biggest killer of men under 50 in the United Kingdom, so I am very happy to encourage something he enjoys.

3. He has developed a rather fabulous group of friends through the hobby. Similarly, loneliness is a big killer in the UK. Iain has a brilliant group of friends that are like an extended family.

4. It’s exciting to see him return to a childhood hobby again. We proudly have in our home, miniatures that are older than many of his friends who are in their 30s!

Iain’s 30+ year old Blood Bowl Elf team squaring off against Matt’s more recent Skaven team

5. It is cheaper than going to the pub all of the time. Nuff said!

6. It is less stressful (and cheaper) than him having an affair. Nuff said!

7. He has joined a gaming club and has an embroidered club T-shirt which he wears with pride (Bexley Reapers http://www.reaperswargaming.co.uk/ )

8. It’s very sweet to see him get excited over shows such as Salute and SELWG, campaigns and big scale events such as the annual weekend long 40k Apocalypse game run by his club.

A large scale 40k Apocalypse game at Bexley Reapers

9. He is teaching young family members the joys of model making and playing games – passing the love onto the next generations. There is something rather magical about watching him teach the finer points of the rules. Tabletop gaming in its various forms teaches children about strategy, practices mathematical and logical skills, and not to mention, patience and the fine motor skills required when painting with a triple-0 brush!

10. He gets all of his chores done when there is a big weekend game on and then the week after he takes me out shopping.

What is there not to like!