Waking a sleeping Mollog.

Good Morning all.

I am puting together my article from my usual commute on the train. I hope this opening block finds the reader well.

Feeling it a bit this morning. The Port was most enjoyable. Last night I played my first game of Warhammer Underworlds with my Sylvaneth Warband. Crispin was very gracious to host me at his house. It was looking exciting as the Table was prepared…

Mollog posie vs Yalthari’s blue boyz.

Crispin explained how the game runs and demonstrated that it is quite different from a standard Age of Sigmar or Warhammer 40,000 game.

The board is broken into hexagons and some areas are like dangerous terrain for fighters and some are simply impassable. Others become placed objectives which are numbered.

There specific attack dice and Defence dice and Magic dice for the game. And the game system works along side two types of cards. Objective cards, and power cards. Three objective cards to start in your hand from a deck of twelve. And five power cards from a Deck of at least Twenty.

We start rolling some dice to help determine first placement and first turn. Of which I win the rolling to decide first turn. I thought of going first.

Gaurdians meet…wait for it…STALAG SQUIG!

Our first encounter was with a static object creature thing called a Stalag Squig. We struggle to kill it as Crispins ‘Critical’ dice rolls were hot as ever. A Crital roll symbol simply means you pull off the attack or defence roll as a matter of course. It can only be countered by other critical rolls.

I quickly begin to realise that I needed to have studied my choice of cards in my deck along side understanding how I can achieve my objectives. Fighters also become ‘Inspired’ under certain conditions and remain that way so it is good to understand how fighters achive that.

I managed to score a Glory point! This is the point system needed to win the game. The player with the most wins but it can also be spent like currency to buff your fighters with any upgrade cards from your power deck that are in your hand.


I managed to during the course of the game take out one of Crispin’s fighters and I spent my one Glory point on a fighter who I thought was going to be in for some hurt. But then came along Mollog….

So Mollog, as you can see…you can’t miss him…yea that Shroom head guy with the massive club? Yea that’s him. He came along and got involved. He doesn’t like intruders and so clobbered my fighters round the head a few times and took a couple of them out. Then Yalthari fell and I was left with one fighter Vs three.

There was a nice clashing of Melee here…then I was pushed into Dangerous terrain.

I called it there as it was 10:45 at this point. I had had enough port and Iain who kindly drove me to the game was soon to arrive to collect me.

We had a good de-brief on the use of cards and deck construction and the fact that my fighters need cards that heal themselfs to perform better in the game. I plan to try and follow up a game soon so I can consolidate my knowlage and what I have learnt.

Thank you again Crispin for Hosting and Iain for getting me there. Thanks for reading. Im really enjoying creating these posts so expect more from me in the future.

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