Saturday Big 40k – Battle of the Moonbase

So, last Saturday we had a big game of 40k. Me, Iain, Neil, Olli, Steve and Lauro.

The teams were as these:

Attackers – Matt: Chaos Knights, Neil: Necrons and Olli: Space Marines.


Defenders – Iain: Dark Eldar, Lauro: Imperial Knights and Steve: Ad Mech.

Each player had 1700 points to choose from. As Steve would be joining late, Iain produced a custom scenario involving two tables and the defenders having to hold out until the reinforcement Ad Mech arrived.

The scenario rules followed Iain’s usual creative genius. However we don’t have an opportunity to play test all of this in advance, having busy lives, and it was acknowledged that we may need to balance it mid way in light of the advantage that the attackers have.

The attackers decided to deploy the Chaos Knights and Necrons on the moon surface. These were faced by the Dark Eldar.

That left the moon cruiser with space marines (with the big G-man himself) against the Imperial Knights.

Big heretical robots and smaller robot people face off against sadist xenos scum. What’s not to like

Now, a minor confession here. There was a fair bit of beer flying around. So apologies in advance for any haziness or partisan reporting. Anyway – to business.

On the moon base (main) table, early dice from Iain weren’t too great and the knights got off some important invulnerable saves against the scourge of the galaxy (or is that stain) that are Iain’s multiple dark lances. The knights’ response was also lacklustre (I opted to save my limited CP for the reroll strategem when Lauro’s knights inevitably appeared) with a transport or two with the accursed dark lances down, a skimmer thing down to one wound and his flyer down to 7 or so due to sucky rolling from me and boss saves from Iain.

However, I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again – this is the part of the game I love. Enjoy the highs and suck up and be gracious about the lows.

The Necrons on the left flank proved a real thorn. Neil’s destroyers and wraiths reaping a bloody tithe in particular. Neil also had some kind of supernatural ability to pass the majority of his invulnerable saves and to bring back 3 wraiths on a 5-up with superb use of a strategem.

On the other table a battle royale was taking place. Although Lauro’s knights were getting the upper hand, Olli’s main cc monsters, a smash captain and Roboute, were getting into range.

Space marines fight a desperate action against the steel might of Lauro’s knights (beautifully painted both sides)

Then it all went off. Lauro consolidated an armiger into combat with the smash captain, who duly obliged by effectively one-shotting the machine.

The space marines about to demonstrate how knights really don’t like melee

The Captain then killed another armiger and stripped 12 wounds off one of the main knights with Only in Duty. I think G-boy killed another armiger. It was now the end of Lauro’s turn, so he sensibly elected to get out of dodge before Guilliman wrecked the Knight and remaining armiger.

From here Lauro starts shooting the Chaos Knights. However he suffers from truly appalling luck and I conversely luck out on my invulnerable saves. The Knight Tyrant takes careful aim and takes out the Valiant in one brutal salvo with approximately 22 wounds from the volcano cannon alone.

Neil’s Necrons and Olli’s las predator take out the remaining 12 wounds of the other knight and Guilliman continued to up his armiger tally.

At this point we take a break, have another drink and decide to reset somewhat as Steve was still some way away. We rule that on a 5-up dead units can return. Lauro now rolls hot and brings back the Knight and the Valiant with some armigers if I remember rightly (beer intake was increasing so bear with me).

Spurred by the reinforcements, Iain and Lauro begin to exact a bloody revenge. Although the Necrons mainly shrug it off (did we mention that Neil’s dice were blistering), Guilliman falls and one of my knights drops to 12 or so wounds. Olli rolls for reinforcements as he hasn’t much left on the table and also rolls well with lots of troops coming back (which proves important).

Space marines arrive in style (Lauro later makes good use of the drop pod to stay in melee, much to Matt’s salty disgust)

Around this point Steve arrives and begins to mercilessly destroy everything in range. Most of the attackers are now under strength after the day’s incessant fighting and begin to crumble.

However, a final round of shooting from the attackers takes out some important Ad Mech units and strips the walls of the base of all troops.

With a daring assault, Olli makes a last-ditch charge with a unit of Primaris. They make it, and to one marine are butchered by Iain’s dark eldar characters. However, the survivor passes morale, winning the objective and the game, via objective secured – being the only troop on the objective. Olli we salute you!

Overall a great day’s gaming and well played all. It’s always a sign of a well-written scenario that it goes to the last dice roll and winning and losing really doesn’t matter. Lots of stories and narratives being forged.