Saga Sunday – Part 2 of 2

The second of the games was a 2v2 – Phil and Rorys Vikings and Saxons versus my Normans and Iain’s Scots.

Crash of shields and a great shout rises from the lines: ‘Forward!’

The Vikings and Saxons deployed in line. On the opposite side the Scots took the centre and the Normans the flanks.

The fight for the hill was intense and bloody with no quarter given or taken

The Normans moved quickly round the flanks with an early use of Envelopment. From the the fighting centred on the hill and left centre with charge and counter charge being made.

The Scots warlord proved his might, holding the hill single-handed at one point, before his eventual death

Initially the game seemed to be going the way of the Scots-Norman alliance. But the Vikings sold their lives dearly and the Saxons demonstrated their mettle in combat.

The hill falls to the lone Viking warlord

By the end of the game there wasn’t much left. Most units were fatigued and the ground ran thick with blood from all sides. However two brave Norman hearthguard bravely charged the Viking warlord and ran down the heathen beneath their hooves, crushing his battered body into the dirt where him and his compatriots belong.

Victory is ours!

Again – great game and superb day with friends. Well played all and can’t wait to do it again.