Saga Sunday – Part 1 of 2

Iain, Rory, Phil and I recently held a Saga Sunday. It was Rory’s first game and only the second for Phil and me. Thankfully the Saga veteran of the group, Iain, was there to keep us straight.

Norman cavalry about to put some Viking levies to flight

Iain took the Scots, Rory Anglo-Saxons, Phil Vikings and I the Normans.

Rory had recently painted his Saxons with GW contrast paints which we agreed looked really good.

We played two game types during the afternoon. The first was every man for himself four player, which devolved into two games, Vikings v Normans (Phil deployed very close, clearly wanting to spill some Norman blood early on) and Saxons v Vikings, with Rory being equally aggressive with placement.

The initial Saxon charge into the Scots’ lines

The initial Saxon charge was heavy but beaten back with great loss of life. However on the other flank, Rory held off a foray from Viking hearthguard.

The Vikings were caught off balance by a desperate charge from Norman crossbowmen. A battle then ensued around a hill held by Norman levies, who were eventually driven off. The Norman warlord retook the hill but was slain by the Vikings.

Allons! For the Bear Goth!

The game eventually finished with Iain as the victor, with the sheer defensive power of the Scots meaning they had more left on the table. But a fantastic game and great fun by all.