Chaos Knights – basing

I had a 40k game coming up with the group last weekend. After a few minutes of musing I decided to take my Chaos Knights. I had recently picked up the codex and never fielded them in force so it made sense.

I’d painted them a while ago but the bases looked a bit bland.

Based with Agrellan only. OK but a bit flat

A quick look online and Duncan had some tips. So I washed the bases with agrax and left to dry overnight.

Applied agrax and left to dry (whilst working on another Armiger)

Once dried I drybrushed with Zandri and rimmed the bases with black.

After drybrushing Zandri

Very, very quick to do and I love the effect. I’ll start doing this for my other armies as I field them as and when I have the time. It’s worth doing.