Applying Transfers

I will open my first blog to our website with a greetings and hope this article finds you well.

Micro set and Micro Sol are your friends here. As well as a Modelling knife, basic pliers as my preference and a spare brush appropriate to the size of transfer you are applying.

Step one: Apply a layer of Micro Set to the area you wish to apply the transfer.

Step two: Get your Modeling knife and cut out your transfer.

Step three: Using your pliers dip your transfer into clean water for 30 seconds.

Step four: Apply the transfer carefully by using a combo of the brush and knife removing the transfer from it’s cardboard backing, ensure the transfer stays the correct side up and the right way round.

Step five: Apply transfer to the wet serface where Micro Set has been applied and manoeuvre the transfer to the desired location. Add further Micro Set to the transfer round the edges, ensure to manouver the transfer back into place if it moves.

Step six: Wait for the Micro set to dry fully.

Step seven: Apply your Micro Sol over the transfer. This layer is designed to soften the transfer fully to your mini.

Best of luck and hope this makes transfers more appealing and cleaner than they had been before. Using these two pots has certainly helped me out.

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