Saga – Norman Standard Bearer: Part 1

I’ve decided that to appease the dice gods and improve my rolling, my army needs a focal point. A standard bearer specifically.

After some deliberation regarding whether I should combine a standard bearer with a warlord, I decided on a separate model. That way I can move it on and out of units and in particular put it with a big unit of hearthguard, which should improve identification as they look a bit similar to standard Normans on horse back.

I’ve spent the last couple of evenings working on the model and it’s got to the stage where its been base coated, washed and varnished to protect my work so far.

What can a man do against such reckless hate” “Ride out and meet them

I’ll let that dry overnight. Now I’ve turned my attention to the standard. I’m using transfers from Little Big Men.

Standard scored out from the transfer sheet ready for overlay

I’ve already done one smaller one on paper, but think for something larger, I need more durability. Therefore I’ve stuck some aluminium between two pieces of paper with pva glue.

Apply the foil
And let it dry overnight. Here’s hoping for a good result

I’ll see how this dries too and how it looks tomorrow.