Prepping For Saga (Phil’s Vikings)

Debut game of SAGA: Age of Vikings with Matt and his Norman warband tomorrow evening. The buildup to this game has been a long one. SAGA first attracted me late last year 2018 when fellow WarConvo member Iain bought himself a Scot warband and began playing at our local wargaming club. I was feeling a little burned out over Warhammer 40k and this exciting rule system (that Iain pitched to me so well) based in a period I find fascinating really grabbed me. So I bought myself 3 boxsets of miniatures from Gripping Beast’s excellent plastic range. A Box of generic Dark Age Warriors, a box of Viking Hirdmen and a box of Saxon Thegns. At around £60 for roughly 110 minis if I remember correctly this was stunning value for me.

I’ve slowly been building my first 6 point warband of Vikings using parts from all 3 kits. I’ve gone for an even spread intitially of x2 Hearthguard, x2 Warrior and x2 Levy with javelin, so to learn the basics of my battleboard and it’s encouraged play style

Over the months since that initial attraction I’ve also been building myself a range of scratch built Early Middle Age terrain. I love building my own terrain and this was a great opportunity to flex and experiment with new ideas. So now with terrain, miniatures and rules material I’m ready to jump into the game fully prepared! It’s going to be exciting learning the game along with Matt and his Normans. Future games are already being planned too with Iain’s Scots and Rory’s Anglo-saxons.