Prepping for Saga (Matt Normans)

Phil and I have our first Saga game on Saturday. Very exciting and we’ve both taken a lot of time painting and preparing our armies.

Norman army 6pts

My 6pts is made up of mainly Footsore metals (beautiful models and full of character) with a unit of Gripping Beast crossbowmen that Iain gave to me for my birthday last year.

Just as stunning

Anyhow. The leader of the army is accompanied by two units of mounted hearthguard and l look forward to see how they do in hopefully crushing Phil’s vikings.

Charge Phil and his boorish viking pigs. Let the dice gods decide the combat

I also have two units of mounted warriors and some scumbag levies with bows. I will most likely try one unit of warriors as bretonnians with javelins to see how they do and ensure I have a varied force.

Expendable peasantry

I’ve also been looking through the rules to get a feel for the game – generally a good idea – and the battleboard but I don’t want to overdo it. Just want to enjoy that new game feeling and trying things out.

Phil is always a great opponent and we’ve played lots of 40k together. No matter how the game goes we will shake hands and enjoy the usual banter I’m sure.

Anyway, I look forward to building up some fluff and background with the army and seeing how it goes.

(I’m being very nice at this point and behaving myself for my first blog posts – once I’ve settled in and the web-feds are off my back, I’ll cut loose and let you know what I really think of Phil and his noob Dark Angels).