First Saga battle Vikings v Normans – Matt

Well, Phil and I had our first Saga battle last night and it didn’t disappoint. Phil set up a beautiful table (as always, whatever the game type).

The horrors of tabletop war have come to a peaceful farm

As it was our first game we just wanted to get the framework down. Phil put down some thematic scenery but in hindsight there was a bit much there and so restricted movement.

Phil deployed first and I followed. The first turns of the game were spent moving around, fumbling the battle boards and just working our way through things.

Phil deploys the Viking horde
And I the Normans

The Norman shooting from crossbowmen and levy archers was largely ineffective. At which point we got stuck in around turn 3 and all hell broke loose. 

Phil began to work out and produce some vicious combos on his battle board and started to get the upper hand in the combats.

Allons! Have at ye, les Viking couchons

Basic units of warriors were turned into mincing machines, making life difficult for the Normans. For once, Phil also rolled like a boss, with hits and saves being made a plenty. I love this stuff and why we play tabletop. If you want certainty with results and rolls then best play PC games in my opinion.

The Normans launched a desperate counter charge with their Warlord and Hearthguard which almost carried the day.

Charging levies seemed such a good thing to do at the time

Phils hands start to get sweaty at the thought of slaying the Warlord and indeed he does, with the game finishing 20-15.

The Norman Warlord was not long for the world after this picture

I also forgot about the bodyguard special rule and left them just outside range. Phil marched his hearthguard and took down the Norman leader with blows from their mighty axes (and what seems like 500 dice).

It was a really good game and a great way to spend a Saturday evening. Total carnage and body count on both sides. Well done Phil and congratulations on the win.

Battle board and Saga dice brings a great dynamic

We have a Saga Sunday next week with 4 of Warconvo (Phil, me, Iain and Rory). Should be a great day and look forward to it.