Phil’s Journey to the London Warhammer Guild – Fun and Fluff Tournament 2019 – Part 3

Part 3. The Eve of Battle

Hi there, Phil again.

This weekend begins the tournament. Six games across Saturday and Sunday featuring fully painted fluffy themed armies. I am incredibly excited to play some awesome games and meet new people. Since my last post I have been working to tweak my Deathwing list and get it fully painted. I’ve played several games with fellow Warconvo members using all the relevant rules from the event rule pack and ran random ITC Champions missions. I wanted to go into this tournament with a confident understanding of each mission, so not to waste time. The ITC missions have proven very entertaining. The varied and great potential for point scoring gives a better feeling of involvement and achievement to a player, rather than just camping on one objective and hosing down the other army. The game feels a lot more daring when encouraged to put a units neck on the line for a crucial point.

So as I said I’ve been tweaking my list after playing games with the Warconvo guys. First playing against Matt and his Black Legion, I quickly discovered the vulnerability of a lone Landraider unaccompanied by any other armour. With nothing else on the table to focus S8+ shooting against, it soaked everything and was quickly brought down into it’s lowest wounds bracket – a great waste of nearly 300 points, one fifth of my list. I also discovered interestingly that a Cataphractii Master would be a better choice for me than Belial, despite costing less points. The Master comes with a 3++ invulnerable save over Belial’s 4++ invulnerable save, can equip a Thunder Hammer which is arguably better than Belial’s sword. Can take the Shroud of Hero’s relic which is better than Belial’s parry ability, and possibly most importantly I can take the Master of Manoeuvres warlord trait, giving a reroll to Charge and Advance rolls for units within 6”. An important option I feel as melee is where most of my list’s damage dealing is. Especially up against vehicles, which I struggled with against Matt’s Lord Discordant and multiple Daemon Engines.

Next I played Crispin and his Orks, running as Deathskulls. For this game I dropped Belial for the Cataphractii Master and with the points saved I gave two of my Deathwing sergeants a storm shield and thunder hammer. I had no problem handling the ork infantry, with their low armour saves and my abundance of dakka. I was able to match the ork melee characters evenly with my powerfists/thunder hammers. But the sheer ork model count gave him a strength that almost beat me. A large model count with great mobility spread across the entire table scoring points. That and some amazing rolls from the Mek Boy Shokk Attack Gun, which brought my Landraider down to 3 wounds by turn 2. Eventually I managed to steal victory in the final two turns of the game, scoring more points, but not before a mob of six ork Killa Kans and a Deffdred gave my Deathwing Knights and Ancient a good fight. My storm shields saved the game for me ultimately so a good tweak from the first game.

Next up I faced Iain and his Iyanden Wraithguard themed Aeldari Craftworld force. This time I dropped my Deathwing Ancient with SS/TH and the Landraider’s multi-melta for a Venerable Dreadnought with twin lascannon/twin autocannon. Crispin generously gifted me a spare Dreadnought from the old Blackreach boxset, which I added a few bits to make it appropriately venerable. The Ancient wasn’t bringing much to the table in the last game. While the additional attacks it gave to my Deathwing Knights was an impressive multiplier of force, I believe it would generally be overkill in most cases. So a Venerable Dreadnought with its superior ballistic skill and ranged anti-armour weaponry would give me much more worth. And it did versus Iain. It spread the threat between itself and the Landraider which allowed the latter to survive longer and play a more fulfilling role. Had I also deployed it in a better position for a clear line of sight it could very well have killed something too! Before Iain deepstriked some S10 shooting Wraiths from the Webway into my backfield making short work of the poor debuting Venerable. This game however I also won in the latter turns too, with a plucky Combi-melta shot from my Cataphractii Master at Iain’s Warlord, netting me several secondary objective points. Iain also saw an expensive 10 model unit of Wraithblades struggle to make melee until the final turn due to continuously unlucky Advance rolls.

With that game my list has been locked-in and submitted to the tournament organisers. I’ve also just finished painting the last of the models. So here it is. The final list and pictures of my army.

+++Deathwing Strike Force+++ 

++Battalion Detachment 1499PTS 8CP++ 



Thunder Hammer, Combi-melta. Relic:Shroud of Heroes. Warlord Trait: Master of Manoeuvre 


Force Axe, Stormshield. Powers: Smite, Aversion and Righteous Repugnance 


DEATHWING TERMINATORS (5) (Specialist Unit) 

Stormshield + Thunder Hammer, Chainfist, Cyclone Missile Launcher.

DEATHWING TERMINATORS (5) (Specialist Unit) 

Stormshield + Thunder Hammer, Chainfist, Cyclone Missile Launcher.

DEATHWING TERMINATORS (5) (Specialist Unit) 

Power Sword + Storm Bolter, Chainfist, Cyclone Missile Launcher.



Watcher in the Dark.


Twin Lascannon, Twin Autocannon.



*Will use Inner Circle stratagem to confer <Deathwing> to these units pre-battle. 

I have one final game this Friday before the tournament with Matt again, but this time against his Nurgle Daemons. A perfect final warm up shooting hordes of Plaguebearers! Next post I’ll report to you with how the tournament went along with lots of pictures. Until then though…. cya!