Phil’s Journey to the London Warhammer Guild – Fun and Fluff Tournament 2019 – Part 2

Part 2. Rule Pack and List Change

Hey Phil here.

Since the last post I have played the Demi-Company list in a couple games with fellow Warconvo member Laurence and the list feels great fun. It had a mix of everything and so I was able to play various roles across the whole table. We played both games using Open War cards, landing missions that revolved around a central objective and one in each of our deployment zones. The first game Laurence used his Imperial Knights. A Castellan, Crusader and Warden (or was it Paladin?). I was quite simply wiped clean off the table in 3 turns. Terrible rolling was the order of that game, where I think I ended up only removing 7 wounds from the Castellan and didn’t scratch the other Knights. Laurence let me in on a neat tactic though against Imperial Knights – Open your Shooting phase on their most valuable Knight, fooling them into using Rotate Ion Shields. Then switch your target and focus fire a different Knight, now unable to activate that stratagem again. The second game Laurence used his Blood Angels. Here I was able to snatch a win in the later turns, stumping my brother with Tactical Marines sat in midfield cover making near continuous successful armour saves. I may continue play testing this list, or after recent updates I may change it entirely…

The rule pack for FnF2019 was revealed a few days ago and with it came an interesting change from the previous year. A custom rule introduced called “Specialist Units” that allows particularly fluffy units choices for certain factions be taken as Troops, instead of their usual battlefield role. Below is the page detailing the rule.

All very fluffy and entertaining choices, but the one that sticks out most for me is Deathwing. Being able to field a pure 1st Company Strike Force without being penalised with a lack of Battalion CP is awesome. But most of all how foreboding a sight would an all bone white Terminators force look on the table? Ancient and venerable Landraider rumbling forward, releasing Belial and a retinue of Deathwing Knights into the heart of the battle. While Terminator squads teleport into support, showering their foe with storm bolter and krak missile, before pounding the adversary into pulp with powerfist! There is also the convenient bonus of transporting and playing a small model count army in a timed-game scene of course. Here’s the revised list.

+++Deathwing 1st Company Strike Force+++

Battalion Detachment. 1497pts. 8CP

  • Belial. Warlord.
  • Terminator Librarian. Force Axe, Storm Shield. Aversion, Mind Worm.
  • Deathwing Ancient. Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield.
  • Deathwing Knights. 5man, Watcher in the Dark.
  • x3 Deathwing Terminators. 5man, Power Sword, Chain Fist and Cyclone Missile Launcher.
  • Landraider Crusader. Multi-Melta.

I have a bit of hobbying to do in preparation of this list. My Landraider Crusader is half painted, the Terminator Librarian is getting stripped and given a new paint job along with having it’s weapons changed to the above. The Terminators armed with Cyclone Missile Launchers need painting and finally the entire third Terminator squad needs finishing. But here are some pictures of what is finished.

Hope you enjoyed this post, I will update again soon with my pre tournament progress.

Signing off … Phil