Phil’s Journey to the London Warhammer Guild – Fun and Fluff Tournament 2019

Part 1. The List

Hi Phil here. So I’ve bought my ticket for the London Warhammer Guild Fun and Fluff Tournament

A 2 day event comprising of 6 games with an encouraged emphasis on fluffy play style, with previous tournaments even going as far as using modified Highlander (“There can be only one”) rules and allowing only a single Battalion detachment to be taken (with exceptions to Imperial Knights). This is in an attempt to combat spammy alpha-striking play styles. Though 2019’s rulepack is yet to be released (at the time of writing) I’m certain they will continue with these rules, given such praise from contenders and success in previous years. I’m very optimistic by this format and cannot wait to see what Battalions other fluffy players bring along.

The tournament isn’t until May 18th 2019 so I have ample time to figure an army list to take (A single 1500pt Battalion detachment). Looking at reports of LWG’s previous FnF Tournaments there seemed to be an abundance of Primaris armies, with plenty of Intercessors and more notably Repulsors. I’m not sure whether this is because the Repulsor is an awesome flying tank love child of the Predator and Landraider, and so a very legitimate reason for taking 2 or 3. Or because simply from a competitive view (and there will be some competitive players) Highlander rules allows you to take multiple Dedicated Transports. I’ll leave you to make your mind up on that one. So straight away I’m thinking I want to take on these potentially preferred Primaris lists, and better still I want to beat them with their lesser classic Astartes brethren. I collect Dark Angels and so figured what better way then to take on power armoured Primaris than with a Lion’s share of plasma weaponry. Fluffy and effective surely?

Here’s the list:

+++Dark Angels 5th Demi-Company+++
Battalion Detachment 1500pts 9CP
• Azrael – Warlord. Brilliant Strategist.
• Librarian – Force Sword, Stormbolter. Aversion, Mindworm.
• Scout Squad 5man – x5 Sniper Rifles & Camo cloaks.
• Tactical Squad 10man – Plasma Pistol, Plasma Gun, Plasma Cannon.
• Tactical Squad 10man – Plasma Pistol, Plasma Gun, Plasma Cannon.
• Company Veterans 5man – x5 Combi-plasma & Chainsword.
• Company Ancient – Mace of Redemption.
• Company Champion – Eye of the Unseen.
• Assault Squad 10man – Power Axe, x2 Flamer.
• Devastator Squad 10man – x4 Plasma Cannon.
• Drop Pod – Stormbolter.
• Rhino – Stormbolter, Hunter Killer Missile.
• Rhino – Stormbolter, Hunter Killer Missile.

Enough plasma?

I think I’ve got some nice fluff and synergy here. The Rhinos will transport each Tactical Squad towards midfield objectives. The Assault marines I’ll use as a harassment/vanguard unit. Devastators and Snipers will deploy backfield on objectives and remain stationary throughout the game taking advantage of Dark Angels chapter trait for rerolling 1’s to hit when not moving. Finally Azrael, Librarian, Veterans, Ancient and Champion will all be delivered by Drop Pod. With 8CP remaining after purchasing an extra relic with the Relics of the Rock stratagem (Battleforged 3, Battalion 5, Azrael as Warlord 1), I can be using Weapons of a Dark Age stratagem each turn to maximise plasma lethality, and still have some CP left over for those pivotal rerolls. This list features some of my first and favourite models with a number of kitbashes. But I’ll show you those in detail in my next post.

So to recap my objectives for this tournament are to turn up with a fluffy 1st Legion plasma Demi-company that features some of my favourite models and kitbashes. Lead a vendetta against Primaris lists and see if my oldboys can stand up to Cawl’s abominations.

Most importantly have fun and keep on overcharging!